Program Overview:

Pregraduate Business Administration

The Pregraduate Business Administration post-baccalaureate certificate prepares students for the core curriculum of many graduate business school programs. These business building blocks can give students an advantage in the competitive application process and environment of graduate business study. If students are interested in applying to graduate business schools, it is recommended that they first examine the admission requirements of the program or programs to which they plan to apply to guide them in their decisions about course enrollment at SCS. 

Program Goals

Pregraduate Business Administration post-baccalaureate certificate students will:

  • Apply accounting, finance, or economic principles to analyze data, present information, and solve problems
  • Develop quantitative skills and reasoning in preparation for more advanced study in business school.
  • Strengthen their strategic, business communication and critical thinking skills to prepare them to compete with other professional students at the MBA level

Required Courses

Students are required to take 5 of the following courses:

  • ACCOUNT 201 Intro to Financial Accounting
  • ACCOUNT 202 Intro to Managerial Accounting
  • ECON 201 Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • ECON 202 Introduction to Microeconomics
  • FINANCE 202 Introduction to Finance
  • FINANCE 360 Corporate Finance
  • MATH 101 Algebra
  • MKTG 201 Principles of Marketing
  • ORG BEH 301 Organization Behavior
  • STAT 202 Introduction to Statistics

New for Winter 2013: Online Courses in Accounting

In the Winter 2013 quarter, SCS will launch its first online post-baccalaureate certificate course, ACCOUNT 201-DL Introduction to Financial Accounting. In the next two years, eleven online accounting courses for the certificate program will be launched.

See below for launch dates of all online accounting courses.

Enrollment is limited to post-baccalaureate students and students-at-large, according to university policy.

Online Courses in Accounting: Launch Dates

Winter 2013: ACCOUNT 201-DL Introduction to Financial Accounting

Spring 2013: ACCOUNT 202-DL Introduction to Managerial Accounting

Summer 2013: ACCOUNT 208-DL Income Tax I, ACCOUNT 210-DL Intermediate Accounting I

Fall 2013: ACCOUNT 211-DL Intermediate Accounting II, ACCOUNT 310-DL Managerial Cost Accounting

Winter 2014: ACCOUNT 308-DL Income Tax II, ACCOUNT 350-DL Auditing I

Spring 2014: ACCOUNT 360-DL Auditing II, ACCOUNT 390-DL Topics: Forensic Accounting

Summer 2014: ACCOUNT 390-DL Topics: International Accounting, ACCOUNT 390-DL Topics: Research and Communication

Additional Information

Students who want to pursue completely customized study for business school preparation might also want to consider the Business concentration with the Pregraduate Study programs.