Program Overview:

Major in Biological Sciences: Human Biology

The science of biology is the study of living organisms at all levels of complexity and in all their diversity. The goal of the biological sciences program at Northwestern University School of Continuing Studies is to develop and enhance the intellectual and creative potential of life sciences students. The program provides a foundation in biology, mathematics, chemistry and physics. A degree in biological sciences is the first step toward successful careers such as physician, dentist, veterinarian, teacher, researcher, analyst, administrator or pharmaceutical sales representative.

Program Goals

Graduates will be prepared to:

  • Understand the organization and function of basic biological systems
  • Know the core mathematical and chemical principles relevant to biology and genetics
  • Handle and interpret scientific data
  • Engage in research

Required Courses

  • BIOL SCI 215 Genetics and Molecular Biology*+
  • BIOL SCI 216 Cell Biology*
  • BIOL SCI 217 Physiology*
  • BIOL SCI 218 Biochemistry*
  • BIOL SCI 220 Genetic and Molecular Processes Laboratory
  • BIOL SCI 221 Cellular Processes Laboratory
  • BIOL SCI 222 Physiological Processes Laboratory
  • BIOL SCI 301 Biochemistry
  • BIOL SCI 315 Cell Biology
  • BIOL SCI 327 Biology of Aging
  • CHEM 101 General Chemistry (with lab, CHEM 121)
  • CHEM 102 General Inorganic Chemistry (with lab, CHEM 122)
  • CHEM 103 General Physical Chemistry (with lab, CHEM 123)
  • CHEM 210-A Organic Chemistry I
  • CHEM 210-B Organic Chemistry II (with lab, CHEM 230-B)
  • MATH 220 Differential Calculus of One-Variable Functions
  • MATH 224 Integral Calculus of One-Variable Functions
  • PHYSICS 130-A,B,C College Physics
  • STAT 202 Introduction to Statistics or another statistics course
  • 5 300-level ANTRHO or BIOL electives

*New courses starting August 2014; BIOL SCI 215 – 218 replaces the one-year sequence in biological sciences BIOL SCI 210-A,-B,-C.

+BIOL SCI 215-CN is scheduled in a five-week session in September. In 2014, the course will meet Saturdays 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. and Mondays 6:15 to 9:15 p.m. between Saturday, August 30 and Monday, September 29. The course will not meet on Monday, September 1 in observance of the Labor Day holiday.

Program Details

The Human Biology major is a robust combination of Northwestern University science curriculum and courses in human biology that are unique to the School of Continuing Studies, providing students with deep, current knowledge of human biology through courses taught by Northwestern University faculty and researchers. The major’s Human Anatomy course is the only undergraduate course of its kind at Northwestern, drawing students from across the University. Human Structure and Function is an advanced anatomy course designed and taught by faculty from the Feinberg School of Medicine. These anatomy courses, along with two in-depth courses in advanced human physiology, are specially designed for SCS.